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New Song(s) Sunday

photo by Tracy Yarkoni

Dropped the ball last week, so this week you get *2* yes *2* new songs in one {!} boo-yah.

First up, from Fyfe Dangerfield (what a great name), an uber-happy feel-good song released last month:

**Bonus track** This may not be new to many of you (released last October) - but it is to me, and I adore it... this hauntingly beautiful, gorgeous melody and a sexy voice had me from the first note...
{don't judge it too harshly just because it was featured on one of the Twilight soundtracks, it can't help it; in fact, you may do better to close your eyes and listen, instead of watch... ready?}
'Satellite Heart (air mail remix)' by Anya Marina


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