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New Song Sunday, the Devil's in the Details

Detail #1: it isn't Sunday.
Detail #2: in some parts of the world, it's already Tuesday.

Somehow during this week's search for new tunes, I ended up with several devilish picks and decided to run with it.

'Beat the Devil's Tattoo' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Alternative, released 3/9/10:

'Devil's Spoke' by Laura Marling
Singer/Songwriter, released 3/14/10:
(slow start, but worth waiting for the build)

'Hanuman' by Rodrigo y Gabriela
World, released 9/9/09:
(this devilish connection is a bit of a stretch, but an interesting story. 'Hanuman' is a Hindu diety who was cursed to not remember his powers unless reminded of them by another. Also, the skillful guitar playing in this song reminds me of 'Devil went Down to Georgia'.)

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