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Oh The Impossibilities... or, Dusting Off the Old Polaroid SX-70

I purchased this beautiful Polaroid SX-70 over a decade ago, thinking that one day I'd search out some film for it. Which I never did. And then Polaroid went out of business. grrrr & double grrrr

October 2008, Enter: The Impossible Project

From what I can gather, a couple of artist/photographers got together and bought a Polaroid plant & then made the impossible happen - they started producing polaroid film. And not just the standard 600 kind either - no no, they started with film for the SX-70 (produced from 1972-1981).

I bought the TZ ARTISTIC Paul GIAMBARBA edition (EXPIRED) for $24.50
I only get 8 shots.
That's over 3 bucks a pop.
But I don't care, in fact
I get something even better...
I finally {cue angels singing} get to pull my Polaroid SX-70 off of the mantlepiece, and for the first time in our relationship - get to see it for more than just a pretty thing.... I get to push it's freakin buttons... oh yeah baby... and it's love from first click.... I'll post images soon ;)

Now go shop for your own Impossibilities here:

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