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'Gods', Holier Than Who?

Just finished my Chapter 2 illustration for the book I'm writing, tentatively titled:
"Gods, An Epidemic: An Epic Comedy Drama With Apocalyptic Tendencies"

Each chapter is based on a major arcana card of the Tarot- of which they total 22 cards out of the 78-card deck. As a whole, they follow the basic hero's journey from "The Fool" to "The World".

Here is my version of "The High Priestess" 

The High Priestess, from wikipedia:

"Knowingness – Love – Relationships
Wisdom – Sound judgment – Serenity
Common sense – Intuition
Mystical vision – introspection – otherworldliness

… intuitive knowledge. The water that flows from her gown is the 
collective unconscious…She is not merely the mistress of hidden 
wisdom, she has read the words and knows their deeper meaning. 
Generally, unlike The Magician, she does not explore the world in 
order to master it, but in order to understand it. That understanding 
often leads to the temptation of mastery...

She is also associated thematically with The Moon. She can 
lead to deep wisdom, but can also lead to madness…

When she appears in a spread, she typically counsels the Querent 
to seek new paths and hidden paths to wisdom. She can also be a 
warning to interrogate the lessons of the unconscious. It does not 
always lead us to wisdom.

She also warns the Querent to question how he or she has divided 
up the world; to test the judgments made in the past against the 
world as we have come to know it.”

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