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New Song Sunday - Gypsy Love

Gypsy punk band Gorgol Bordella's latest album Transcontinental Hustle is a frantic, verging on chaotic, but ultimately passionate explosion of sound. It's so rich, that I find it difficult to listen to the whole thing in one setting; but they are absolutely top of my 'I gotta see this band live' list. Here's one of the catchier tunes from the album:

...and for your visual pleasure, this "Gypsy" treasury featuring yours truly and other talented etsians (curated by westbournegrove):


New Song Sunday - Don't Touch

'liminality' by tracy yarkoni
"The liminal state is characterized by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy. One's sense of identity dissolves to some extent, bringing about disorientation. ..." (wikipedia)

Shot with Canon AE-1 on 35mm film at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. These three shots were long exposures (a few seconds each) which I overlapped in Photoshop, matching up the lines of the escalators. The ghostly bodies appear together from these three separate layers so that they become intertwined. It is difficult to know where one body begins and the other ends. A ghostly limb here, a disembodied face there, solitary people now standing intimately close to one another...

With that in mind, and for the sake of irony, here's the song:


New Song Sunday - NYC Gone Gone

This week is the opening of the Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Triennial: Why Design Now?

And my super-amazing, awe-inspiring, big sis and artiste extraordinaire Rachel Wright, has a piece in it - yeah, she rocks. Sigh, I'll be able to say "I knew her when..." AND I get to be her arm candy in New York City next week for the reception. Life is good ;)
Rachel Wright & Tracy Yarkoni, 
Champs Elysees Paris April 2001, photograph by Rachel Wright

Let the preparations begin, here's Conor Oberst with "NYC-Gone Gone":

Here is Rachel's piece in the exhibit:
About this design: "I based it on the traditional Maori facial tattoos. These gentlemen would “sign” documents and contracts by drawing their unique facial tattoo instead of signing their names." -Rachel Wright

More Wright designs: