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25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by a friend in facebook to do this list, thought I’d share:
1. I’m actually kind of shy; therefore, me writing a blog makes perfect sense.
2. Everything I do makes perfect sense, especially when I’m being liminal about it.
3. I try not to use the word “hate” unless I really mean it.
4. I think #3 makes me sound like a goody-two-shoes and a snob.
5. I am a goody-two-shoes, much to my own dismay. I blame Disney.
6. I am a snob, sometimes. Which is why Humility and I have such a love/hate relationship - but ultimately is my best friend ever.
7. If “an elephant never forgets”, then I am a marmoset (click it!) This really does make sense.
8. I have too many books. One day I want a fabulous old-fashioned library of my own, complete with: sliding wooden ladder on wheels, a fireplace, a dog and one of those antique metal solar system models that has planets you can swing around the sun at an unnatural pace.
9. I’ve played piano for more years than I care to admit in print. Since I was 6 years old, if that helps your math, which it probably won't - and ambiguously doesn't answer the question; but ambiguity is another of my BFF's; when I'm not being too blunt and specific about things, that is...
10. My 2nd grade teacher didn’t like me: she got mad because I was supposed to be taking a test, but first I was making sure everyone around me had a pencil with an eraser. {Beyatch} But I don’t hold grudges, much.
11. It is nigh on impossible for me to hold a grudge, due to the aforementioned marmoset-related memory issues.
12. I love being near water. Not tap water. Oceans, seas, lakes, ponds…
13. One night at the dinner table, when I was about 6 years old, I announced that I wanted to be President of the United Sates. My parents, usually very supportive, immediately responded “No, you don’t” and then proceeded to tell me what a sucky job it was. This beautifully exemplifies the futility of thinking I've figured things out - since I will immediately, or eventually, be shown that I hadn't.
14. There are very few things I didn’t want to be when I grew up. Still trying to figure that one out via the trial-and-error method.
15. Some of my favorite words: perspicacious, periwinkle, marmoset, and liminality.
16. After years of studying, I can speak and write Hebrew almost as good as an Israeli kindergardener. Not quite, but almost. No, I’m not Jewish – I married an Israeli.
17. I never thought I would have kids. I have two.
18. My kids are the awesome-ist kids. Ever. (I’m sure yours are great too, but in the reality that is my list, my kids are the best.)
19. I want to write the next Great American Novel!
20. I probably will never write the next Great American Novel.
21. I am trying to write the next Great American Novel anyway. Stubborn and I go waaaaay back.
22. Twice a year I write out a new schedule I should keep in order to be more productive and be a better mom. I then religiously keep to this list for all of two weeks - about the time it takes for it to hide under the various projects on my desk.
23. Over the years, I pay more and more attention to the lists I make... and actually do the things on them. Maybe it's because I've been keeping my desk more organized? Chicken and egg....
24. I cannot see the future. In fact, it’s a little more specific than that – I know something won’t happen if I can visualize it. It’s only the things I can’t see happening, that do. Useful, eh?
25. I can’t stand not understanding something. Everything in my world must make sense, or I must deny it’s existence – there’s no middle ground here. (ps. Do Not Try This At Home, leave it to professional masochists/nihilists.)
25b. Update: It is now 2013, and 4 years have passed since I wrote the list above. Most of this list is still pretty valid, with one glaring exception - #25 has become completely null and void. I hardly remember even thinking like that. So there you go. Off to lose myself in beautifully unsettling mystery that is life..... tah!


a new day, a new website

For many years I pursued a career in acting. I had an amazing time, some unforgettable experiences and met some truly fabulous (and not so fabulous) people along the way; but my creative side was choked. I wasn’t making things. And I have to make things, to be happy that is. So I retired from the wonderful world of film/tv and opened up my shop at tyarkoni.etsy.com

Now, I’ve had a web presence for many years. My first website was designed to be a community for women artists – but I admit, this one fizzled before it was even born. Then it was a site for selling my handbound books. Then when I moved to Israel and had a baby, I abandoned bookbinding and discovered acting. That’s when we moved to London, England. So came the birth of my acting website. Then when we moved across the pond to good ole Georgia, where I then (for some masochistic reason, I suspect) decided to tackle creating a new database for filmmaking in the southeast. I had to learn all kinds of programming skills for that one – but I did it, and darn it if the thing actually worked! But again, this fizzled away to nothingness as well. It seems I’m always excited about the challenge – but not so much about the upkeep and long-term commitment part (oh, that word does make me shudder.) So here we are, up-to-date and now this website is getting revamped to reflect my current interests… ta da! I hope you enjoy it and here’s to hoping it lasts a good long time…