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Ghostly feet, a Secret Angel Man and other oddities from Ireland...

finally, pics from trip to Ireland last year... enjoy!

view from the plane, streaked with rain
first sight of green

lovely pub details...

threshold of the Hi-B pub
they say you're nobody till you're kicked out the Hi-B.
which we were ;)

blarney castle.
yep, i'm a sucker for castles.

check the ghostly feet on the right -
i do not recall anyone being there  {{creepy}}

secret angel man watching from his perch in an alley 

gentleman begging for change under statue of james joyce

just bizarre. i call it
"Mother Mary Full of Change"

i felt great comfort in finding lifesavers
placed randomly throughout the city streets.
{is this for after the pub-crawl?!
or a figurative gesture, as in - here you go mate,
life may try to drown you, but help is always at hand?!}

in the taxi


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