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Up to Something: Part II, It's All Irish to Me...

I did the following short story using characters from the book I'm writing (Yes, a book. What is it, you ask? I call it an "Epidemic" = An Epic Comedy Drama with Apocalyptic Tendencies) to relay my Ireland experience. It was more interesting than *me* telling it, for sure, and it was a great chance to practice writing dialogue (my absolute least favorite aspect of writing a novel) and an opportunity to build some back story for these characters. It even ended up with a nice twist at the end, that I didn't see coming till I got there ;)

click here for the story... go on, i'll wait here for you.

{goes to get coffee...}

done? ah. So now you can see I rather failed at the 'exercise in dialogue writing' part, hehe... I promise my book has more actual dialogue and less soliloquy. (Though not necessarily between these two characters; awkward tends to be their norm, at this point anyway.)


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