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a new day, a new website

For many years I pursued a career in acting. I had an amazing time, some unforgettable experiences and met some truly fabulous (and not so fabulous) people along the way; but my creative side was choked. I wasn’t making things. And I have to make things, to be happy that is. So I retired from the wonderful world of film/tv and opened up my shop at tyarkoni.etsy.com

Now, I’ve had a web presence for many years. My first website was designed to be a community for women artists – but I admit, this one fizzled before it was even born. Then it was a site for selling my handbound books. Then when I moved to Israel and had a baby, I abandoned bookbinding and discovered acting. That’s when we moved to London, England. So came the birth of my acting website. Then when we moved across the pond to good ole Georgia, where I then (for some masochistic reason, I suspect) decided to tackle creating a new database for filmmaking in the southeast. I had to learn all kinds of programming skills for that one – but I did it, and darn it if the thing actually worked! But again, this fizzled away to nothingness as well. It seems I’m always excited about the challenge – but not so much about the upkeep and long-term commitment part (oh, that word does make me shudder.) So here we are, up-to-date and now this website is getting revamped to reflect my current interests… ta da! I hope you enjoy it and here’s to hoping it lasts a good long time…

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